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Kt. Bir 20th, 2024

Saturday’s clash between Valencia and Cheap Real Madrid Football Shirts should be a charged occasion, especially with it being the first time the two teams have played at the Mestalla since last season’s dark episode, where Vinicius Junior was racially abused by a small section of home supporters in the Mario Kempes south stand.

Hugo Duro came on as a substitute in that game and it was his last-minute clash with Vinicius that led to the Brazilian being sent off after a VAR check. The 24-year-old is reportedly hoping that this weekend’s away game will be hostile, but not a repeat of last season.

“It’s obviously going to be a hostile environment for him, but on a footballing level, for him to suffer that pressure from Mestalla, but with all the respect in the world. And I want Vinicius and Cheap Real Madrid Kids Football Kit to come so that he can see that Valencia is a club that he respects, but always on a footballing level and that the match is very nice.

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Valencia striker condemns racism

“I’m looking forward to Saturday so that Vinicius can see that some imbeciles – because they don’t have any other name – don’t represent Valencianism.”

Duro will hope that he can inspire to a repeat result from last season at the Mestalla – Valencia defeated Cheap Real Madrid Soccer Jersey 1-0 on that occasion.

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